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hey,do any of you have any nice rescue stories??i could use them
right now,i got a nigerian uromastyx from a guy i know here for
free,naturally i felt bad for this lil guy(who has the heart to turn down one of those cute little faces?)so i took him home and fed him baby food from a syringe,along with electrolyte,and pedialite
....oh right i didn't mention what was wrong with him,he was severely dehydrated and skinny as a rake,you could feel his spine and his ribs,he was litterally skin and bones,he also had an eye infection i was trying to clear up with polysporin eye drops
anyway.....he died last night after only being in my care for about 36 hours,i did take him to the vet,they tryed there best,i know they did,but he was to far gone and didn't make the drive home from the vet....i thought i'd be prepared for the worst case scenario,but it's hard to prepare yourself for something like this,i don't except death to well,it was pretty hard on me and my gf,we
had just spent the last day babying this little guy,and now he was
gone,not excepting i tryed for 15 minutes to revive him,but to no
avail,i knew he was gone and i was wasting my time,but i couldn't except that,anyway i was just wondering if anyone has a
good rescue story with a happy ending,or if you wanna get
something off your chest like me,go ahead,thanks guys
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