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hmmm.... the snakes with names:

Anton - male bci (belongs to roommate but I care for it)
Apophis - male Argentine bc
Asase Ya - female African house snake
Beech - male Amazon tree boa, Halloween phase (my ammie Beech..heheh)
Bianca - female bci, pastel, het for albino (Ronne)
Bobbi-bobbi - male JCP
Congo - male Royal
Elise - female bci (belongs to roommate but I care for it)
Genevieve - female bci, pastel like
Guildenstern - male Tiger ratsnake
Hades - male Amazon tree boa, Halloween phase
Hamlet - male Hogg Island bci
Helena - female cornsnake
Hisspit - female Pacific gopher snake
Houdini - unsexed cornsnake hatchling
Juliette - female bci, het for albino (Ronne)
Kebechet - female Savu python
Kizmet - male bci neonate
Lady Macbeth - female Moluccan python
MacBeth - male Moluccan python
MacDuff - male ETB
Media - female Moluccan python, patternless
Mehen - male Royal
Mercutio - male bci
Miranda - Madagascan giant hognose
Mojo - unsexed cornsnake hatchling
Nag - male bci, poss het for albino
Nessie - female Royal
Othello - male California banded kingsnake
Perdita - female bci
Rahz - female Royal
Romeo - male bci, pastel het for albino (Ronne)
Rosencrantz - male cornsnake, currently AWOL
Rosyline - female bci, Lucy pastel (Ronne)
Saturna - female IJCP
Serendipity - female bci
Swiftt - male San Diego gopher snake
Tisiphone - female Amazon tree boa, Halloween phase
Titania - female bci
Tybalt - female bci (originally thought to be male)
Zombie - male bci, pastel like

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