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Peanut (Hog Isle BCI)
Chasey (Colombian BCI)
Satabria (BCC)
Mr Poopypants (BCC)
Slowpoke (Jamaican Boa)
Tagz (BRB)
Nauthiz (BRB)
Darky (Borneo STP)
Tasha (Borneo STP)
Marvin (BP)
Poe (BP)
Tali (BP)
Rocket (a snake)
Sweetness (Rosy Boa)
Pockets (leo)
Spider (leo)
Ollie (leo)
Iggy (green iguana)
My Little Man (Redfoot tortie)
Thomas (Argentinian Horned Frog)
Slimer (snail)
Gozer (snail)

Haven't been able to come up with names for: 1 Jamaican, 1 Rosy Boa

I have to get to know the animal before I find a name for it, and even still the name just has to happen... lol and sometimes it doesn't!
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