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Talking naming my pair of you name yours?

I got a pair of ball pythons last week & I have yet to name them... all my others, names have just come easily & seem to suit..... these are proving more difficult cuz I want to name them as a couple!!!

I would like to go with matching names of a girl & guy you would always think of together.... i've gotten some really good suggestions so far but wondered about your opinions on naming your animals. I know alot of keepers name a few, but after getting so many they just keep track of M/F stats!

So far, I think i'm deciding between Mark & cleopatra (cleo for short) or Hansel & Gretal (i'm a sucker for german names).

My other snakes are: Amy, Gwen, Jasmine, Zeul
Lizards are: Fluffy, "the new one" even though we've had him for 4 months, and Trogdor (the burninator)

What are some of the names you have for your reptiles?
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