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I dont know why this turned into a debate over who washes their own clothes and makes their own lunches. If the situation is indeed as bad as it sounds, and its not just someone crying "wolf" over their parents not letting them stay out past cerfew.......I am pretty sure what is meant by the laundry, lunches etc is if the kid is being physically abused, mentally as well how the hell would she have any time to actually prepare her own lunches, I mean if you're being abused do you even have confidence to find food in your home for yourself? Not every topic brought up on is a debate, if you want to start analyzing this situation without knowing the facts I suggest some of you go speak to this kid and look at the conditions...... Abuse, and any report of abuse is definatly not something to be dismissed or taken lightly.... No offence to anyone, iam sure you all do care, but think.. I can't offer any advice on this really, other then calling childrens aid, or try and have the mother caught in the abusive acts..
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