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Quote from the above link:

Q. Do snakes hear?

A. Although they do not have external ears and do not hear in the same manner as humans or other reptiles with eardrums, snakes do hear sounds transmitted through the air. According to the book, Snakes in Question, sounds are transmitted to a snake through the skin located over the temporal region of its skull to its jaw muscle and then to its quadrate bone. A snake’s ear bone is adjacent to its quadrate bone and the ear bone picks up the sound and transmits the vibrations to the snake’s inner ear. The inner ear contains cells that are sound-sensitive. Snakes hear low frequency sounds best. For further information on hearing or other senses in snakes, see Snakes in Question.
There are a million other links on the net containing this same info, but I figure 2 links will suffice.

Even my daughter's grade 4 class learned about how snakes don't have external ears, but they do still have bones inside their head that can detect airborne sounds.

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