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The guy who bought this snake is a member of one of the other forums I frequent (BCforums on Bob Clarks site). The guy shipped the snake incorrectly (I am being very nice here!), and the snake escaped the box. They guy who recieved the snake got it back, and is not being charged with any thing. He is being fined for his permits not being up to date, and his landlord is very angry about what she saw on the news.

By the way, he named the snake Chewboxa!!
"To truly rescue an animal one has to provide long-term care that guarantees the animal's security for its natural life, because rescuing is more than removing an animal from a bad situation. Rescue involves restoring and preserving the animal's dignity for its natural life without stress, and this includes conserving the species as a whole for generations to come." (Brian Werner, founder TMLF / TCWR)
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