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Let's not put everything under the same weight.
All snakes are not the same and all snakes do not have the same needs. A corn snake is very different from a GTP or a reticulated python. I will agree with some others' oppinions that snakes need to be handled in order to whittle away stress. All snakes cannot handle every day and cannot handle with the same way.
Most tree dwelling snakes are more aggressive and nervous and they require careful handling. The half of the job is when we are going to pick the snakes from their enclosures. We must do it slowly but decisively. If you won't handle your snakes every now and then, when you must open their cage to clean them they must have a serious problem, they must be very nervous. These snakes are adapted to live by humans cause they were born CB. After all, except a few difficult to feed spp. (balls, tree boas etc.) any other snake won't have feeding difficulties because of handling.
A hatchling after a few handlings, get to know humans and don't care at all. We are grubbing things too much, but to end where?
I will stick to this. Not every spp. has the same needs and we must learn about the snakes' needs BEFORE we buy it.
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