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Handling=stress my a$$.

Any animal, when raised from a baby, can become accustomed to, even to the point of "liking" certain stimuli if it is part of their routine. When our adult corns hear our voices or sense activity in the herp room, they do this cute little thing where they slither up and put their noses right to the top of the enclosures. We take them out and they get plenty of exercise. Another thing - if we sit on the bed, they will sometimes do everything they can to get every part of their body close to us. And by the way, the herp room is usually around 85 degrees during the summer, so it's not that they need the heat. As an experiment, when Morpheus seemed to be feeling kind of affectionate, I got up and went to the other side of the bed. He came right back up to me, and put as much of himself in contact with me as he could. I went back to the other end - same thing. He followed.

But I can see why you would think this is a stressed reaction! Riiiiiiiiiight.

In some cases, some of our snakes DO get stressed if we DON'T handle them often. Some of the ones in our collection get handled daily, and we have never once had any stress-related problems as a result. They all feed like machines, and will even eat right after being handled for a while.
- Ken LePage
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