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Please leave your comments if you have seen this movie and if not feel free to ask questions about it!

I saw this show a while back.. Pretty entertaining, I'd watch it again and again..

From what I know, Austin Stevens is a herpetologist with who knows how many years of experience with venomous under his belt.. So I commend him for what he does and making a good tv show..

The idiocies which caught me are as follows..

- It's very idiotic to jump into a river knowing that there's a Gaboon RIGHT WHERE YOU'RE JUMPING and being well within striking distance.. But let's consider what he knows.. Maybe it's true that Gaboons aren't prone to striking while swimming in open water, who knows, I don't.. Maybe he had spent some time getting things right before the cameramen commited their footage.. Nevertheless, that was pretty f***ing stupid..

- I think it's too idiotic to have a Boomslang free roaming around your body.. Period..

- I think it's idiotic to play "pattycake" with an irritated wild cobra.. And he paid for it..

Other than that, everything else was pretty much Steve Irwin-esque..

He got "bit" twice out of 7 different close encounters with 7 different venomous snakes in the wild and lived.. W, T, F.. To me, that in itself is not idiocy, that's just the nature of the game..

His rating system was eh eh.. eh.. I didn't like it..

And lastly he got away with some awesome photos..

Having watched the show doesn't motivate me any more than I already am about keeping venomous snakes or looking for wild specimens.. It's just not a practical thing for me to do and I have no purpose to do so.. I actually appreciate people like Austin Stevens and his counterparts.. Because if it wasn't for them, I couldn't have an experience with venomous snakes.. Considering their experience and knowledge, better them than my piddly arse.. And even if my experience with venomous snakes is limited to what I see on television, that's fine with me..
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