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I agree with you, if the teen is genuinely scared, then there is probably some problem. Remember, however, that teenage girls are melodramatic. I'm not saying there isn't abuse going on, I'm saying it is possible for a teen to exaggerate the story. Especially if the teen dislikes her parents (which at 15 they probably should, or else the parent is not doing their job). Teens can have attitude problems, remember. I have a daughter who is almost 9, and she is already impossible. I could see her running away at some point, due to her strong willed personality. And trust me, I am not abusive in the least. Quite the opposite, which is probably why I am having problems. My older daughter, however, is much easier to raise. All kids are different. My point is, you need to be sure of what is going on.
There are many things my parents did when I was young that I thought were terrible. And granted, sometimes they weren't fair or kind. But now, as an adult, I can understand it better and that they were doing the best they could.
Whether there is really "abuse" going on needs to be found out. Most kids today don't know what abuse really is.
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