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Im this Jayson on this one... How can a 6 foot snake in a 4 x 2' enclosure get the proper exercise it needs or should be provided if the snake is not taken out and handled?? The snake may look fine, but in all reality if you were 6' and laid down in a 4 x 3' enclosure where you do have enough area to moved around, but lets face it... im willing to bet you would still get cramps, aches and pains from not getting enough exercise no matter which way you look at it... I know with my emerald if I do not take her out to be exercised she will build up feces / urates into a noticable buldge, but if I take her out a few times a week she is alot more regular with bowel movements period... Im not saying she "enjoys" or likes to be out of her enclosure but its obvious that it IS doing her some good in keeping her regular and well exercised. In the wild a snake will move to accomadate for its needs... Seeking heat / cold, food / water and security... they wont move if all of these needs are met... If you are providing your animal with all of these within non moving distances your snake wont move period, and how healthy can something possible be that is made up of muscle, eating / growing but not moving!?!? Just my .02 cents. is offline  
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