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My snakes i really don't handle that much at all. So i agree with you on that. But on the other hand i'm almost alway holding my leos and at times beardies. I think they don't mind the occasional handling. I have a leo that will hear my voice then come out of her hide and start walking on air until i either get her out or until she gets tired of trying to get to me. I also have a wild child (leo) that hears the slightest sound and runs as fast as she can. I think she came from a bad home. She is calming down with time, but she's still kinda skittish.

My beardies will come out of their cage and come sit with me on the couch. Usually they sit on the back of the couch and watch tv. They will do that for hours then why i try to put them up they start throwing a little fit.

basicly i agree snakes don't need that much attention but certain lizard on the other hand i don't think mind handling i think some might even enjoy it.
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