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Another one of chondro python's debats

Handeling Reptiles Do you think it is somthing you need to do for the animal to thrive? What are your points and views on this topic?

I say No! I think it is just some Jazz that pet stores sell to ppl so they can pass reptiles of as cute and cudely animals.

Now I don't wana say that ppl should not handel there animals and I also don't wana try and change ppl daily routines.

This is how I see it...

pet stores sell you a reptile and say handel it every day and it will grow to be healthy but in reallity you are not helping your herp cause...

Handeling==> Stress
even if ppl say it is not stressed HE/SHE is "TAME".

But what they don't know is when a animal is so stressed to the point that it will just chose to not move (rendering it handelable OR "TAME") and pray to god we humans don't see it.
That a lactic acid will build up in the muscules and that is actualy verry dangerous to the health to the animal.

stress==> not eating and other physical problems such as RI

Stress can actualy make your herp stop eating and in concequence your animal can develope a rather poor imune Systome well maby not develope....bad chois of words there but it will weeken it that is for sure.

And well negative health and not eating for prolong periouds of time can and may==> DEATH.

Then what do we do we go back to the unforgiving Pet store and buy a new herp 6 monts to a year later and the viciouse circle continues.

well you tell me why handeling 30min a day is beter then 30 min a week.

Oh lets not forget that is a extra 30 min considering the fact that we may spend about 1-2hours a week just cleanung the cage and giving clean water,feeding and spraying and changing light bulbs (maby you just hit a switch like me). And so on and so on!!

Marc Doiron
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