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TARAS Show and Sale Exhibitor List

Moutain Geckos
Gary Dawson
Parvus Draco
Dan Uremovic
JK Reptiles
Trina Carr
Gone Snakee
J&M Rabbit Farms
Darwin's Oasis
Hunter Reptiles
Mice and Things
Little City Productions
Cricket Capers
Henry Piorun Reptiles
Wrapped Up in Reptiles
The Gecko Corral
Cornelsworld Terrariums
Gord Redman
Arctic Circle Herp Supply
Chad Jenson and Candice Gosling
Fred and Stacey Smith
Krickets UNLTD
Debbie and Ryan's Educational Snake Show
Scales Zoo
Wild Kingdom Reptiles
Serpents and Dragons
DNA Reptiles
Pat Wise
Riverfront Aquariums
Reptile World
Canadian Mouseman
Chris Dempster
Stricly Reptiles
Lorna Levett
Jeff McFadden
Chris Bilou
Lowell Shaw
Tim and Julie
David Kwok
Falconridge Farms
Reptile Crossing
Pet and Brew Shoppe
Eric Butterworth

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