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Originally posted by ANACONDASAURUS
My friend who I've known for many years has done it without any problems.
It seems a lot of people like to ask questions (especially this one)and then just go a head and do what they had planned in the first place. Why bother asking????

I think everyone would enjoy it if we could all just throw our snakes in one big screen topped glass aquarium and watch them socialize but unfortunately that is not what would happen. This question comes up a lot and most of us have answered it several times.

There comes a time when it becomes clear that snakes are snakes. They will never be anything more or less. If you want to keep them, you must learn to do what is best for them and not whatever "you" think will be cool. Like it was stated above by Linds, many keepers do many things that are frowned upon in the herping community and have little or no troubles arise... but what if something bad did happen? Is it worth it? Just provide the proper care and enjoy keeping the coolest animal in the world!
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