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sky diving @$$

i was just on my computer and my tv was playing and it was real tv. It was playing a clip of this guy who ownes venemous snakes so i put up the volume to take a look. they were showing how he was teaching people about his snakes. Than they go into this clip about how, to win a contest on some radiostation, he went skydiving with the radiostation logo glued to his helmet and in mid air he had the !SNAKE! in his hand......right when i saw this i was appauled. the snake was flickering in the air like a piece of rope getting wipped back and forth like it was nothing as he held it from the neck so he wouldnt get bitten. I found this ******** (sorry for useing that word) and wanted to tell people. And guess what, he lost the contest because the station said they were being to cruel to the animal. Good for the radiostation. This guys a skydiving @$$ hole and it to bad he didnt lose grip and gotten snaged by the snake. what an idiot...
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