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Agree with drewlowe (and many others). If i see that the person cannot afford the money to buy what i sell and just bugging me and asking me, i told him that i am not interesting to sell the animal any more 9and most of them bite the bait and they finaly buy the animal, but to those people that they ask to learn with interest about the conditions of keeping and caring for the animal, then to those people i will spend a few more time to educate them and finaly sell them the animal, which i know they will ask to learn more and more about general conditions.
And to those kind of people that they need to take, i will give all i can, because these people are the serious customers.
Never sell your image lower. Wether its your personal life or as a breeder. You know what the animal costs. You know how much time and effort you've spend on that animal to see it emerging from the egg, because of YOU and because of what you know. Well, this knowledge costs and if some people don't understand it, probably they don't want to admit it just to pay more money.
I am polite with all my customers but if i smell that someone is trying to mess me up with his personal problems just to make me lower the price, i simply don't sell the animal to him. I find an excuse and silently go away.
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