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Well I gotta give you credit for patience Marisa I wouldnt wait that long. Personally I only breed & sell rabbits and I dont hold onto any animal unless I at least have a down payment to hold it. I get people all the time calling and telling me they want them but I dont hear from them again.

Originally posted by MouseKilla
All you can do is sell to the first guy that puts it in your hand, what difference should it make to you who that is?

Because some people care that their animals go to people that will care for them properly...
That may be true, but if they dont have the money to buy and have to take a week to a month to scrape it up they certainlly cannot afford an animal either. I screen a bit for potential buyers if they wanna feed them to snakes I have no problems giving them the mutt bunnies or the ones that seem to no matter what just not take to being held. If they want a pet though they must know to propperly handle and hold them house them in adequate cages ...blah blah blah you get the picture.

I did sell my snow corn though last week to a 10 year old. And had his mom not called and initialized the sale I wouldnt have dealt with them either. I ended up taking my baby corn, the cage it was in, heating pad, my whole mouse colony complete with cage & water bottle and sold it all for the sucker price of $40. Heck I even delivered it. My daughter and I stayed there as I talked to both the mom and son about propper care of the snake & mice for about a half an hour. I may have fallen sucker but who can resist a 10 year old boy in awe of a new pet?

Wopps sorry about the rant It must be the cough syrup
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