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What kind of world is this???

I'm sorry that this isn't reptile related but i have to let this out. A friend of my sister's showed up at my house last week, she had run away from home because her mother was abusing her, we notified child services and they said that what we did was right and we were to hang on to her until they showed up to talk to her, the mother showed up at our house days later and freaked out at the kid, saying how when she gets home she was going to give her the shots, the whole time speaking Portuguese not realizing my family speaks Portuguese as well... anyway the mother left and the child told us stories on how her mother has thrown plates at the children and hit them and scard them, and now the child services called us and said that since the girl is only 15 years old she has no choice but to go home, even though she has said how scared she is to go home, now shes sitting at my house crying waiting for her mother to pick her up... once again im sorry that it isn't herp related but i'm so angry i had to get this off my chest.

P.S the mother makes the child cook her own meals do her own laundry and make her own lunches for school. if she doesn't make her own lunch, she doesn't eat.
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