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Exclamation Shipping and packing herps...

Hey everyone, here I go again with my complicated, never ending questions LOL...

I wanted to know how to ship herps, snakes for the most part but lizards too.

First about shipping...
I have heard many diff things and well my mind is boggled right bout now. Some say you can ship courier but don't guaruntee live delivery and some say don't because it's illegal. But noone has told me whether or not it is really safe. Which is all I really care about LOL. Others say only ship via air canada because it is legal and the herps are guarunteed to arive alive. But it costs so much and is not worth it when you are only buying a 20$ animal. So could anyone please give me the pros and the cons and opinions are very much so appreciated.

Also, how do you pack these guys? I had hoped someone would discus it but noone has so I'm bringing it up. How do you properly and safely packup the herp to be shipped? I have no idea how because I have never had to yet but since I should have numerous hatchlings and neonates next year I need to find out how to ASAP. I have heard you are supposed to put the snakes in a snake bag or a pillow case but what do you put in the box to keep them from smashing around? And where do I pick up that material?

Thanks everyone, looking forward to hearing your advice and opinions.
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