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Well as a few people said I'm saying something in hopes that this thread don't go horribly wrong.......

State needs to stay out to the bedrooms, Church needs to stay out of the bedrooms. If the churchs don't like it then the local judge should be able to do it. There, said and done, if it's that way then it's not church. But there is always a fight against it.

Me and my partner WAS seriously considering giving up our citizenship to the US. Considering how SUCKY it is here. I think about the only thing really stopping us is money. And the chance that gay marriages MIGHT be leagalized here sometime....when people hear homosexuality here, all they hear is "sex".....and thats all they think about.

Every one else has the right to be happy. Why can't we? Even Part of our constitution has that........

"The right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS" So if they do this stupid bill (whatever it's called), it will only be contradicting itself.......
Ok hope I DON'T get banned now....
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