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Well, I do not have the popular opinion on this, it seems, but here goes. I have 2 snakes, a BP and corn, that refuse to eat in anything but their enclosures. So they get a peice of newspaper inder the hide boxes, the food is placed in there, and they eat. Everyone else is fed in a feeding tote. Yes, everyone, even the big burm. At over 11ft, 15 inches in girth, and close to 100 lbs, she does nicely in the feed tote. She was fed by a previous owner in the cage, and was hard to take out when I first got her close to a yr ago. I began immediately feeding her in a feed tote, and she settled down wonderfully. She comes out several tiems a week, for excercise in the yard and soaks in the tub. Her feeding response is ENORMOUS. After she has done eating, I leave her in the tote for around an hour. When I want to put her up, my son and I go in, I touch her with the hook, and she knows food time is over. Goes right back in the cage no problem. Seeing her before, and seeing her now, I will continue to feed her in a separate enclosure for as long as possible, hopefully for the rest of her life. Also, taking out everyone else, gives me the perfect time to clean cages, change waterbowls, etc. With so many snakes, it's just not feasible to try to do them a few at a time spread out over different days. They all get to come out regularly for play time, but cleaning time is feeding Unless of course there's an accident, which is then cleaned up right away. I don't think there's a right or wrong answer, I think it's personal preference. As long as your snakes are healthy, and well fed, it doesn't really matter, now does it?
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