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Personally, if someone commits to a transaction I give them 2 weeks to deposit the cash and will only ship once I receive it. If they take longer I sell to the next in line. That's the only way to do business such as ours. Too many flakey people out there to take any risks. People son't understand that we as breeders put a large portion of our time into reptiles, and most of us work 'regular" jobs on top of it. They always want "great" deals and get pissy if you don't drop your prices to the bottom dollar. Would they go to work and accept being paid less for the same amount of work? I think not, yet they expect that of us! There's little to no respect in this industry, you kinda need to accept that early on if you want to be satisfied in this hobby. Otherwise every potential customer becomes a stress to deal with. Then again, I've been pretty lucky with the people I have dealt with so far *knocks on wood*

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