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Well you know its not even about asking questions. I would answer a potential customers questions about the snake and/or snake husbandry for MONTHS to make them happy. No biggie there.

The problem is getting a pm like this one week: "O.k. 50 bucks is fine, weekdays are good for me, i will get back to you"

then I wait a week with no word.

All the sudden a week and a half later get a pm like this:
"I see you still have them, sell me one for 40 bucks and deliver it?

Then I say yes, and another week later with no set up time for delivery I get this:
"Well i see you still have them, if you get desperate email me, have you sexed them? I want a good one"

Then after I reply I would get something like this ANOTHER week later: (all from the same person mind you!)
"O.k. I will pay 50 but I Better get a good one"

And this goes on and on with a few specific people I am dealing with right now. Its annoying.

P.S. sorry for double post
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