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It's crazy some people want me to deliver a $20 bag of mice 4 hours!
This weekend though I'm a driving 4 hours to drop off two conr snakes and some mice, but the other person is, get this, driving like 5 hours to pick them up! If he's willing to go that far then I don't mind. Besides I'm helping get someone new into the hobby. I'm sure this individual will not forget it either. Someday the same person may want a pair of Hogs from me. The point is I don't know. I try to treat everyone I sell a snake too like gold so that when they want something else they keep me in mind. That's why I deal with Don P. That guys bends over backward to keep his customers happy. I could have gotten some of my snakes from other people and paid half the shipping cost but with Don I always know what to expect. I've learned from the way he does business and I try act the same way. If I start pissing people off now when I'm just selling corns I doubt they will come back for hogs, brbs, or kenyan morphs etc.
I don't think you are being rude at all. There are a lot of tire kickers out there in this hobby and they can be anoying at times. I will say this though if people are going to act like a retailer they should expect to get treated like one too. The customer is always right (sometimes). Also remember this old rule of business, "A happy customer tells three people. A pissed off one tells six.".
I worked all day and my brain is mush. For all I know I just wrote nonesense.
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