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Thanks folks.

I really don't mind the whole public thing normally and as the seller I try to think how things are going from the buyers prespective because I so often am the buyer myself. So I try to be understanding, fair, and patient.

Maybe in the future when I have more babies to sell I will be avoiding the public. I understand where you are coming from Scotty about avoiding the public altogether. It is easier that way. When I was a bird breeder., most of the "lower end" birds would be wholesale to pet stores as soon as they were ready to be on their own. I wouldn't even put an ad, or let people know about them because in the end it was way to much work. Maybe I will take a lesson from my own experiences from now on.

Thanks for replying guys, I feel better about the position I have taken and will stand by it now that I know many of you feel I did the right thing.

Thanks again

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