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For what it's worth Marisa, I salute you for being as patient with these pains in the *ss as you have been. You're not being rude at all, you're wasting too much of your time and energy. I've been dealing with the same nonsense for years now. I even get numerous e-mails, messages etc. back and forth from the same individual over a $5.00 book. How about "well, I really need it but don't have the money right now", "I don't have the cash right now, could you save it for me till the next show", "you mean I have to pay for postage too?" etc. etc. ad nausem. Come out to the show on Sunday and you'll notice a distinct lack of live animals on my table, mainly because a number of breeders have given up selling to the public and are now strictly wholesaling whole clutches or entire seasons production to pet stores.
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