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Well for the ones that are an hour or more away I said I would deliver it for a few bucks more....but as time went on and these buyers become wish washy, I told them I would just deliver it for the price that I have sold my other babies that have been picked up for. I have also offered to deliver them on weekends, or during the week but none would commit to a day. So I have tried to be flexable if they asked. And yeah most certainly been more than three weeks or flipping back and forth.

I just don't want to do this wrong but I feel I am right in saying nevermind at this point. It's not as if I want to "get rid" of them, which some of these buyers are suggesting...saying things like "oh if you get desperate let me know". Sure I want to sell them before my vacation but hey if not one more goes, I will still be happy to get my pet sitter to watch them AND be happy to spend more time with them.

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