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I would do the same thing you are "never mind, if you can't after more than 3 weeks (to have enough time to come up with money etc...) commit and either actually say you want one or tell me your address or a meeting place, Then I am not going to sell you a snake"...personally, I would do that. If people were jerking me around like that I would think that they are either liars, or not responsible enough to take care of one. If I lived near you and you offered to BRING me a snake that I wanted to buy, I would snap at the chance. I don't see alot of people being kind enough to use their own gas money to bring a something they are selling to someone......If they don't want to commit then don't sell. I think you are being very generous and kind in actually delivering the snake to them, and if they can't even appreciate that, then they don't deserve a snake!!! lol
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