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People being rude


Well as most of you know I had a clutch of cornsnakes this year, and obviously selling them. In the past I have bred birds so I am not new to the whole buyer and seller issue.

But I have never ever in my years of selling birds, seen people act like they do when they respond to reptile ads. I have had at a few people try to buy a snake off me like five times but can never give me SOLID details as to where they want them delivered. Yes I offer to deliver them so you would THINK the buyer would be happy to say when and where. Or at least commit to wanting one or stop pming me, either way works for me. When I ask them if they are serious, or want to commit to a date, they either say *I* am being rude! or just don't respond to that.

It's getting really frustrating. Finally to those few people after now a MONTH of going back and forth and them never making a solid choice, I told them I would prefer not to sell them a snake. Is this wrong? In all cases I would be driving an hour (give or take a few minutes) to deliver a snake to them, which is no problem. But I am not going to do this with people who over a months time can not tell me where they live, and yes they want one. They just keep pming me over and over again bickering, bartering and asking me the same questions over and over again. I realize newbies are new, but I have answered all the questions and finally said nevermind.

Am I wrong? Or do you others who sell put up with this from a certain person/people for months and months if they feel like it?

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