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Originally posted by MouseKilla
Do you not use ingestable sand for the Kenyans? Or is that stuff maybe less ingestable than the package claims?
That stuff is crap and causes even more problems than regular sand. It is not fully digestable as it claims, in addition it also prevents the absorption of necessary nutrients, etc (the active ingredient is an antacid... exact same thing thats in tums, calcium carbonate... know how it says not to take within a certain timespan around other drugs because it will reduce the effectiveness?) Its also dehydrating on many types of herps, tortoises do not fare well as well as sandboas. Not exactly sure what the reasoning behind that is though

Originally posted by MouseKilla
To be honest I have noticed occaisonally blood... I always thought it being there for a few days till the snake is ok to be handled again wasn't a big deal, maybe I'm wrong though.
I never clean clean the little blood spots off the newspaper. I also don't keep my animals in sterile surroundings. They are kept clean (substrate changed as needed, wiped down with peroxide as needed), but I don't believe they should be kept in sterile environments. They need a certain amount of germ to buildup their resistance to everything, as do all living things. LOL... something I have been taught from before I could even walk thanks to my dad
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