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I do not over feed( I do feed properly though) Mine are currently on a 2 week feeding schedule (Jumbo rats) I have a rule of thumb for feeding from birth to 2 years of age one proper sized food item once per week.At 2 years one proper sized food item every 2 weeks or so. At 3 years of age males go to 3 weeks while females stay at 2 weeks(if you are breeding the female on a regular basis) females who are pets and not being bred can also be on the 3 week schedule as well. I am a firm believer in supplementation as well(every other feeding) as insurance.Don't forget that freezing kills off a lot of water based vitamins (c. b complexes) Currently this practice is paying huge dividends with mine. Don't forget no two boas are alike and will grow differently in the same situation that is why notes are so important.

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