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:jawdrop: Oh my god that is gross but I can actually beat that story. I rented out some warehouse space to a "friend"of mine and he wouldn't pay rent. So I moved all his crap out back. Including a freezer full of about 300 rats. Being nice I ran an extension cord out the back and plugged his freezer in. Well all his **** sat out there for over a month and one day finally disappered. I thought he finally got off his *** and picked his **** up. So a couple of days later he phones me to ask me where his **** went. I said it went missing. He accuse me or someone I know off stealing his stuff because who would want reptile stuff and 300 frozen rats. I couldn't figure it out until one day I went back there about three weeks later. I smelled something and as I got within 50 ft of the building it got stronger. As I got near the stairs I saw a lot of flys. I looked in a 55 gal oil drum. MMMMM......rat soup. But wait it was white and moving. Lets remember that there was 300 frozen rats in that freezer. The 55 gal drum was 2/3 rds full! The stench was the worst smell I have ever smelled. You could smell it across the building! The landlord kicked everyone out and had to call in a hazardous waste disposle crew. To this day I have never found out who did it.
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