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D'OH!! (the inadvertent choco-rat)

Remember a while back there some junk happened and everyone's power went out? They told us to unplug our appliances. They told us to do it. I did it.

I'm feeding my snakes tonight and I run out of pinkies. No problem, there's some in the extra fridge down in the basement. I'll have to thaw them, I thought to myself as I descended into the basement. I navigate through the clutter to the our beautiful old fridge, (it's colour is "harvest gold"!) I open the freezer compartment and I'm greeted by a smell that would make a buzzard puke. The goddam fridge wasn't even plugged in when I put 2 adult rats in there about 2 weeks ago along with the pinkies that I was trying to retrieve. A chocolate fudge popsicle had been in there too and had melted and leaked underneath bag containing the now badly decomposed rats. I thought it was rat blood at first. I don't know how I didn't notice that it wasn't running when I put them in there, guess it must have been somewhat cold or it would have been hard not to notice. Whatever the reason I pushed the fridge up the stairs and out the door and I'm having it hauled off ASAP. Nasty chocolate rat corpse puddle, yuck! Live rats smell like flowers compared to ones that are dead in a confined space, no kidding.
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