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An addition to my caresheet.........

Before You Buy

PLEASE before you buy your ball python review these following scenarios and make sure you are up for the commitment of this snake.

- Ball Pythons live to be 20+ years of age.
- The will need WEEKLY feedings which can become costly.
- Weekly cage changes, monthly cage cleanings.
- Ball Pythons can and sometimes do bite although very rarely.
- What if you are moving or can no longer care for you ball python?
- What if it becomes sick and needs to be taken to the vets?

All of these come into play with a Ball Python. These are not a goldfish, they are a lifetime commitment. When they are adults can you afford to buy a medium to large rat weekly? What if you can no longer want/can have this snake, can you find an appropriate home? What if it gets sick and needs taken to the vets, can you afford to pay for a vet bill when walk-inís for a reptile on average cost $50. All these scenarios must be taken HIGHLY and should be talked over with any housemates. Please make sure before you buy your ball python you can properly care for it for as long as it lives.
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