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Apprenticeship (Electrician)

I withdrew out of college, i was taking Architecture and i thought to myself that it would be quite difficult to get a job because theres alot of competition. Don't get me wrong i love competing but if i dont make it i'd be wasting money and time, A lot of it!

Can someone tell me how the apprenticeship procedure works for Electricians please.

So i thought of going for an apprenticeship, not knowing which one i choose, i chose Electrician. (what ever i wright past here, im not quite sure what im doing, not exactly sure how apprenticeships work and i just needed to get into something fast because things were filling up real real fast and i have 2 days till school starts.

They make really good money(i hear) and theres a demand for them, so i called up many places asking for apprenticeships. People were confused what i was asking for because i just called up a bunch of companies if i could get an apprenticeship. Then i winded up with my college, asked them to get an apprenticeship and they said they would help me get a company to sponser me to go to school. I have an interview on Tuesday. Kool, i think i'm pretty lucky, i hear people take months to find.

So if the Interview goes good, i have to Study in school???? so it isn't like other apprenticeships where u just get a company and start working for them?

I'm somewhat confused because i never thought about and never really paid much attention to trades. If someone could clearify that this a good path to take, it would make me feel alot better... as of now i feel real lost without work/school.


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