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My BP caresheet!

Well I am currently working on a ball python caresheet. It will not be done for awhile since I do not know NEARLY everything. I will not be out "hunting" for info off of othere caresheets and books, but using my own methods of careing for my ball pythons.

Heres the intro what do you think??

Ball Python Care & Breeding
By: Don Meyer

Welcome to the world of the ball python! I’m assuming if you’re reading this care sheet you either want or have a ball python. Well let’s just hope for you and your ball pythons sake you “want” one, because researching after is a NO-NO! I know your probably saying to yourself, “come on just get to how big they get and what they eat.” Well be patient we will get there eventually. There are many more important factors in owning a ball python, such as temperature gradients, humidity, feeding do’s & don’ts, and caging. I will do my best to cover all important and necessary topics in caring correctly for you new pet.

P.S. The breeding section wil be done AFTER I have SUCCESFULLY bred my pair and not until I have.
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