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I guess it's time I uploaded pictures of the hammer and sickle tattoo on my chest. LOL!

Don't be apathetic. If you don't get involved or at very least vote then you give up all your rights. If everyone voted and paid attention there would be little room for corruption.

I'm puzzled why you would say democracy is a right wing system, it's by definition a populist system. As someone once said, it's the worst system of government in the world, until you compare it to all the others. As for the NDP specifically, they have suffered at the polls because they were in government,provincially in two of our most populated provices (Ontario, BC) during the worst economic times since the Great Depression. Of course there were deficits during a time like that. To use your household analogy, they were buying groceries, paying the rent on their credit cards. The alternative to deficits at that time was horrible social conditions and likely a full depression, in other words the kids wouldn't get breakfast and the family ends up living in the alley. Social spending on things like welfare and employment insurance are what stops a market down-turn from becoming a depression. This is what all governments in N. America did at that time including Bush senior's Republicans in the states (their deficit from that time I believe was in the trillions of dollars). This debt along with the personal economic suffering that comes with a weak market usually results in whatever party that is in power being voted out. In Ontario and BC it was the NDP, in the states it was the Republicans at the same time. The two parties couldn't be any more different ideologically this side of the Middle East but they both had to run up debt at that time and both were kicked out of government decisively the following election. Now we've had the Conservatives in government in Ontario for 8 years, during the best economic times possible and there is still a huge deficit (5 billion this year alone) this can be attributed to the irresponsible corporate tax cuts they've made and a refusal to keep the minimum wage in line with the cost of living.
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