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There are, in my simplified view basically three types of political systems democracy (generally seen as right wing), communism (generally seen as left wing), and socialism (falling in the middle but generally also seen as left wing). First let me state that it does not matter which system you support they are all, in an ideal world (one without people in this case), are good systems. For the problems with any system can basically be found with people. All or any of the systems would be ideal is there wasnít any people involved to screw things up (IMHO). And yes there are other systems that are so far on the fringe of the before mentioned ones that you could argue they are totally different, but for the sake of simplicity I generally stick to the three. Like Invictus said you could wear out a lot of keys on this conversation. In Canada there are actually four parties in current running of things. The NDP (New democratic Party), which is defiantly of a left wing bent, is a Socialist type party, and is heavily supported by unions. They have also suffered at that the polls in most places because while their ideas and plans are great their handling of finical matters really suck big time. They generally run up the debt of the government they control like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse and use the excuse that if you want social systems in place they cost money. If any of us ran our households the way ruling parties (the NDP are just worse at this than others IMO) run governments there would be a return of debtors prisons. The Liberal and PC (Progressive Conservatives) are basically the old parties, which have their power base in eastern Canada. These are the traditional old boy parties. They are the traditional the left and right wing parties but if their actual practices are any indication there is a hairs breath difference separating their actual practices. This I believe is the simple reason why the PC were just about got wiped off the face of the map in the last two elections by the new kid on the block, the Canadian Alliance Party (formerly the Reform party) which from a Canadian view point is definitely right wing. The Alliance seems to be viewed as a western party, particularly by people in eastern Canada , mostly I think because that is where it got itís start. One thing you have to understand is that in Canada we are not in my view a democracy, but rather an elected dictatorship. Yes compared to a lot of places in the world we are defiantly a democracy. But in our system based very closely on the original British system 300 years ago, you as a citizen have your say every 4 to 5 years and that is good enough. I think in todayís world that is ridiculous IMHO. But I digress, the way it works here is once in power the leader of the ruling party, who is known as the Prime Minister (PM) and is elected by the members of his party not the people, basically makes all the calls and the individually elected MPs (Member of Parliament) toes the line or face discipline (sent to the back benches + Siberia ). So what you get is a dictator who can do what he wants within limits, but with no regard for the peoples opinion or wants, He has to face the people once every 4 to 5 yrs, his choice of when (a 5 yr limit), but can otherwise pretty much do what he wants. And people, the afore mentioned problem with the system, have terribly short memories. The whole thing is pretty simple when you think about it and live t for a few years!!

This is just my view and opinion of the political thing here in Canada but remember the thing about opinions is they are like a**holes, everyone has one.
I obviously have to much time on my hands, waking up in the middle of the night to type or should I say peck this out.

Sorry for the long rant but you asked


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