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Well I have been pretty busy tying up all the loose ends from the show and trying to get my crap back in order. I have seen all the post and must thank everyone for the great comments and I am very glad everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed the BBQ and think that will happen every year.
Personally I was disappointed with the attendance. Had 2000 come threw the doors over the weekend. There were some problems with the radio advertising and I got that all fixed, next year I get twice as much air time for the same price I paid this year. So if I still had hair left I would be pulling it out to try and figure out why the attendance was low??????? LOL. The bad thing about all that happened on Sunday with the head shave is I never got any pictures on my own camera's. I will keep the baldness till the Calgary show so everyone can get a quick rub, LOL. It is fine, but the sleeping thing drives me nuts. Bad whisker rub on the pillow keeps you up most of the night.
I will try and get to everyone's PM's that they sent me about the show and if not I thank you all on this post. I had a blast and hope to see everyone next year.
Now that I have just read some more of the posts. I think we should donate half of the money for the video to the CCS. I will get a total tomorrow, but I am pretty sure it was over $1000 that I raised. You buggers, all the damn camcorders there and I couldn't do a damn thing. As for Tim pic of me I was in a very good mood just Nett was being a pest just off to the side so Tim had a hard time getting a good one of me.
Now Nett......she had to pay $305 to shave my head but for an extra 20 she could have got a whole lot more .......LOL.
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