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It doesn't sound like your content, it sounds like you're unhappy with alot of stuff. Just my own opinion here, but up until now you've always had a goal: finishing high school, then college, then finding a job to support yourself, hopefully doing something you enjoy., now you are without a goal. Start by making a list of what you would like to change, choose one thing and decide how you are going to do it, then work at it piece by piece. This will give you a new focus, and if you do it one thing at a time, it won't seem overwhelming. Sometimes putting things in writing has a way of making it real, more than just a thought. If your job isn't fulfilling, use your spare time to look into things that you do enjoy, (reptiles perhaps :-), sports, traveling, movies, etc, etc, everyone is different. Often this will lead to making connections with other people with the same interests and sometimes even employment doing something you really enjoy. It will take discipline and an occasional nudge from friend, spouse, etc but unless you take the steps, nothing will change on its own. Hope things work out for you. Take care.
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