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God help the teachers. There are badly under-compensated for what they do. Good luck.
I disagree... I mean I don't mean to put down teachers in general. But I hate the teachers that go on strike because they're "only" getting 40k - 50k. Now I'm not gonna get into detail with my personal life... but my dad works a HELL of a lot more than any teacher I've met and it takes a much bigger toll on him than teaching seems to. And he makes less than the aforementioned amount. Btw, he's a radio talk show host.

Now, like I said I don't mean to put teachers down... I've had some that have made a huge difference in my life and I'm very thankful for them. But then there are those that don't know half the **** they're teaching yet they want more money?

There's a good chance I'm taking a lot of stuff the wrong way and there's an even better chance that the horrible teachers only live around where I live... I live in one of the worst school districts in PA (literally... like top 5 I think)

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