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Very intersting thread, I truly hope that this discussion doesn't degenerate to the point of stupidity causing the thread to be pulled. I see that while you hold your own opinions you have sincerely tried to be even-handed in your descriptions. That being said I think there are some things missing. I enjoyed the human nature compairison. I'm a little confused about the Conservative side believing Man is essentially evil but believing in less government control at the same time. I consider myself to be left of centre (and that's on the Canadian spectrum that tends to sits left of the American spectrum). I believe in strict economic control because I believe corporations, if not people, are driven by pure greed and we shouldn't wait for them to change their nature. Companies are created to generate wealth for their investors, why should we expect anything different? For that reason I believe in things like publicly owned health-care,schools and utilities such as electricity, water, roads. I believe that the market and competition have their place but not in the essential needs of citizens. I also believe that people who work hard should be rewarded, but not disproportionately (spoiled execs) and not at the cost of those who's sweat went into generating those earnings. (Remember Enron? common worker's pensions gone forever, lying and stealing CEO is forced to give up some of his many mansions, boo hoo) Saying that anyone who wants fairness in the distribution of wealth is basically a communist in that they want everyone to have the same things is just not accurate. Speaking for this lefty only I am for equality in opportunity not identical wages and lifestyles for everyone regardless of how ambitious or lazy they might be.
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