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yeah, i have bred leos and have kept beardies in the past, they know that im quiete capable of keeping all these animals.... but he is mainly concerned about me getting distracted from my school work... that is the main thing..... i think that snakemann87 is right in saying that i gotta do this on my own, i have already started talking to him about how it is kept and all that, and i think he is starting to warm up to the idea that it is not all just scales and a flesh-eating monster, i mean he hears the word python and he was like "Oh god its gonna eat the dog if it gets loose..what about the cats... oh no!!!" but i explained that if it came into contact with the cat it wouldnt kill it, and that it probably would be the other way around.... and then went on to say that i had bought a lock for the tank doors... he is beggining to turn from a steel wall of NO! into a hedge row... lol

cheers for the advice about the repile shows, but here in england shows are always stopped by anti-reptile fanatics... which means hardly anyone is starting any shows now... so yeah i think i will be showing him the python soon.. and that it isnt like the movie ANACONDA....
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