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I didn't mean to start off an avalanche with that first question...just sounded like a gravid female behaviour pattern.

How are you presenting the food? I just found out my panther prefers hunting. SHe will leave crickets and mealworms in the food dish for a week. I figured she was either not hungry or gravid or something. She kept refusing to eat....UNTILL some crickets fell into her cage as I was trying to pour them into her bowl. Immediately she went about hunting them down and gobbling them up. Now I move her food dish around under different plants and things. As well as letting the crickets run around.

As for the digging and stuff...could he be coming up to shedding time. Maybe a good shower to loosen tight skin?? Just a wild thought I got when watching my geckos struggle with their skin today!

OR..what kind of substrate do you use. Could he of injested something that is bad or clogged his system?
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