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Political Science 101

As most of you know I make lots of jokes about Democrats and calling folks Democrats. As this advanced it occurred to me, many people I talk with do not understand ether political philosophy. So, allow me to explain for those who are interested. (This will not apply to the Canadian users. Furthermore I am completely ignorant to the Canadian political system and if someone would care to post Canadian Poly Sc 101 I would be very interested to ready it.)

Democrats are considered the liberal party and Republicans are the conservative party. The root definitions of liberal and conservative:

Liberals hold that people are by nature good and if left to their own accord will do good and need little supervision. Example: Liberal parenting allows kids to do pretty much what they want.

Conservatives hold that people are by nature evil and left to their own accord will do evil, thus much supervision is needed. Example: Constrictive financial policy keeps a tight watch over funds.

The Democrats are the left wing as where the Republicans are the right wing. This comes from an ancient French version of parliament. The officials who wanted lots of government control over the people sat to the left of the king, the others that wanted less official control sat to the right of the king. Examples: Modern liberals (left wing) want more government gun control and conservatives (right wing) want less.

In modern political climate the Democrats are often accused of being weak and unable to make harsh decision that are for the good of the people. Republicans are accused of being uncaring and against the poor people. Democrats push for total equality. Everyone should be treated the same and have the same. They push government social programs that aid the poor and try to raise there living standards. The republican viewpoint is that money for the programs has to come from somewhere and its not the poor, so those programs are basically the ideas of redistribution of wealth.

I chose to follow the path of the Republican. I feel that if someone has worked hard for what they have, it is theirs and it is not the place of the government to reallocate what they have worked for to someone else. I do not feel all people are equal in all levels. Some are more intelligent, some are better athletes, and some are better musicians. By trying to force all people to be equal, you hinder people from excelling. For example, total inclusion on the schools. This puts students who learn very slow into the class with normal and excelled students. The intent is to provide equal education to the slow learner, but in reality, it only holds back the other students. The current situation in CA is a text book example of failed Liberalism. Gray Davis is a liberal Democrat who gained office by promising social programs for the poor. He was elected and followed thru with his programs. To pay for his programs he taxed heavily the wealthy and the business of the state. Well, as a result many wealthy people moved. Then business started to move and middle class and poor people began to lose jobs and it put the state into economic calamity. The beginning of this post is simple text book facts with no room for debate, the last paragraph is my interpretations and the reasons I have chosen Republicanism. I am interested to hear from others as to why they have chosen one or the other, and perhaps even hear from Scott why he is a Democrat posing as a Republican. =) Seriously, I would not like to see this degenerate to the point it is deleted, so if you post use facts and explain why you interoperate those facts to your philosophy but save the name calling for later. Thanks Chuck
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