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snake-lover that is simply not true. Feeding in cage has little to do with agreesion. I figured the above posts had explained that in detail to anyone reading them.

It makes no sense to feed out of cage because you think the snake will bite your hand, which I also clearly explained above.

If you practice proper husbandry you will be opening the cage 3-6 tijmes per week. One opening for feeding CANNOT condition the snake to think your hand is food. Period. Not to mention snakes should be fed with TONGS, so why a hand would ever be food no matter what, I have no idea.

Also, the most bites most liekly come from taking the snake OUT of a feeding tub,. they are in eating mode. Putting them in a tub once per week for feeding would condition them the same way feeding in cage would. Which is doesn't. That's obvious.

Like I said, I feed ALL our snakes IN cage and I haven't been bitten by anything over 15 inches long in two years.

P.S. The only good reason to feed out of cage is to avoid substrate ingestion which is very dangerous. Also my logic above may or may not make sense to LARGE snake keepers as I don't know anything about the feeding/agreesion habits of retics, burms or anything else that size.
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