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The funny thing is that people, in a society where over half of marriages end in divorce (something that was also forbidden at one time) feel so strongly about what a very small minority (less than 10% of the population is gay) want to call their relationship. If you look at the historic definintions of marriage it begins as an almost entirely financial agreement between the patriarchs of two families. Two fathers got together and decided that their kids would spend the rest of their lives together in exchange for some livestock or land. There have been many changes to what the word marriage means over the centuries. From arranged to chosen, from polygamyst to monogamous, between children to between adults, from a man posessing a woman to a mutual voluntary arraingment from strictly for a man and a woman to between any two adults. It's now changed so many times that my question is: does it mean anything at all anymore or has it lost all meaning in our society?
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