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Reptile skins

How do you feel about snake skins or monitor skins?

The argument against them is 1. the wild population is often depleted usually they are not farmed only hunted except in the case of gators and maybe a few others some hunters over hunt 2. its just wrong leave them alone 3. some hunters only use the skin and waste the rest

The argument for is 1.many of these people have no money no options for imployment they have familys to feed and there is no welfare like in N/A either you make money or catch food or you dont eat the skin trade happens to be one of the few ways to make money
2. some hunters skin the animal and use the meat and bone and sell the the teeth
3. in many area's the animals are so plentiful they are pests and often are found in peoples home and they utterly destroy other species because they are doing so well

What are your thoughts where do you stand
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